Takeme: A Better Replacement Of Kingsley Esiso As PDP State Party Chairman


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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State has witnessed remarkable growth and progress under the leadership of Kingsley Esiso. However, as the party looks to the future, it is important to identify potential leaders who can build upon this success and take the party to even greater heights. Chief Julius Takeme, a prominent figure within the party, stands out as a strong and capable candidate to succeed Esiso as the PDP state party chairman. In this article, I will explore the qualities and achievements that make Takeme a fitting choice for this important role.

1. Strong Leadership Skills:
One of the most crucial qualities required in a state party chairman is strong leadership skills. Takeme has proven himself to be an exemplary leader, consistently demonstrating his ability to motivate and inspire others. His inclusive approach to decision-making promotes unity within the party, fostering a sense of belonging and collective responsibility among party members. Takeme’s leadership style is characterized by transparency, accountability, and a commitment to the core values of the PDP in Delta South Senatorial District.

2. Grassroots Support:
Chief Julius Takeme has garnered significant grassroots support throughout Delta Senatorial District. His close connection with the people at the grassroots level has allowed him to understand their needs, aspirations, and concerns. This connection is crucial for a party chairman, as it ensures that the party’s actions and policies are aligned with the interests of the people. Takeme’s ability to mobilize and rally support at the grassroots level will be instrumental in strengthening the party’s base and expanding its reach.

3. Strategic Vision:
As the PDP continues to evolve, it requires a leader with a strategic vision for the future. Takeme has showcased his ability to think long-term and to identify innovative strategies for party growth and development. His vision encompasses strengthening the party’s structures, promoting inclusivity, and attracting a new generation of dynamic and committed individuals to the PDP. Takeme’s strategic approach will ensure that the party remains relevant and competitive in the ever-changing political landscape.

4. Commitment to Good Governance:
Chief Julius Takeme has consistently advocated for good governance and has prioritized the welfare of the people. His commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective governance aligns perfectly with the values of the PDP. Takeme’s leadership will contribute to the party’s efforts to promote social justice, economic development, and the overall well-being of members of the PDP in Delta State.

In conclusion, Chief Julius Takeme possesses the necessary qualities, experience, and vision to become a worthy successor to Kingsley Esiso as the PDP state party chairman. His extensive experience within the party, strong leadership skills, grassroots support, strategic vision, and commitment to good governance make him an excellent choice for this role. With Takeme at the helm, the PDP in Delta State can continue its upward trajectory, ensuring a brighter future for the party and the people it represents.


Comr. Ziakegha Peter, Chief Press Secretary to Burutu Council Chairman


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