Burutu LGA Chairmanship and Ogulagha’s Quest For Political Equity and Fairness


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Burutu, one of the oldest, largest and biggest local Government Area in antiquity, Delta State of Nigeria, was founded in 1976.

It has 11 Federal Wards and 20 State wards, with an homogeneous Federal Constituency in the whole of Delta State and two State Constituencies as well as over 76 autonomous communities.

Historical, it houses 8 ancient kingdoms and traditional institutions.
Politically, it has been ruled by over 20 chairmen (both caretaker chairmen).
Unfortunately, Ogulagha Kingdom is yet to produce the Council Chairman since the inception of the local Government.

Ogulagha Kingdom, in Ward 11 and DISEC Ward 19 is a major producer of the liquid gold. It contributes immensely and enormously to the Nigeria’s federation account, the Delta State coffers, and the Burutu Council revenue.
It is a host to the populous Forcados Terminal Ogulagha, South Bank Flowstation, Yokiri Flowstation with over 30 oil wells, North Bank Flowstation, North Bank Gas Station, Agip and Beniboye Flowstation among many others.

It is also a host to major multinational Oil Companies like Shell, Agip, Mobil, Chevron, Brittina U and over 30 indigenous contracting companies.
It generates the bulk internal revenue for Burutu Council yet none of her sons and daughters have been considered to man the Burutu Council Chairman.

Ogulagha Kingdom produces the highest quantum of oil among all Ijaw Kingdoms and Communities, according to Desopadec report.

Ironically, Hitherto, Politically; Ogulagha Kingdom has been criminally alienated and denied headship of Burutu Council.
This is largely unfair, inhumane, satanic and an injustice to the good people of Ogulagha.

Meanwhile, many will argue that Ogulagha Kingdom has in recent times enjoyed Political patronage for 3 term in a row in the Federal Constituency office.
Does that mean they should be perpetually denied headship of the Burutu Council Chairman, where their resources is the lifewire of the Council? The answer is a Capital No!

What about other wards and kingdoms that has held sware to all political offices in the local Government since inception.
For instance, between 2007 to 2011, a particular Ward and kingdom produces both the Federal House Of Representative, State Assembly, Commissioner, and the Burutu Council Chairman.
What a political imbalance?

Even recently, a particular Ward and kingdom produces the Burutu North Assembly, Commissioner of the state and the PDP Chairman of the LGA.

For political equity, fairness and balance, Ogulagha Kingdom should be allowed to produce the next Burutu Council Chairman.
It is long deserving and for posterity sake.

It shouldn’t look like the golden hen that lays the golden egg should be rubbed with injustice and political inequity.

The Delta State Governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori, the Burutu Political Stakeholders, leaders and the PDP family should as a matter of emergency allow an Ogulagha Kingdom son or daughter to become the chairman in the next dispensation as the local election draws nearer.

Comr. Keneware Emmanuel aka ‘The Pentiger’ is a Political Analyst


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