How Ogulagha Community Hosts School Competition Among 8 Secondary Schools


By Peter Jonah

Ogulagha Community bubbled on Saturday 2nd December, 2023 with the Ogulagha kingdom secondary schools Assembly. The program which involved eight (8) secondary schools _(Ogulagha Sec. Sch., Sokebolou Sec. Sch., Burutu Grammar Sch., Odimodi Sec. Sch., Hoga Int’l Academy, Sure Foundation Academy, Basis Principle Academy, Word of Faith Group of Sch.)_ across Burutu Local Government area featured a verity of activities including; *Literal Quiz competition (senior and junior category), Debate, Music Talent Hunt, Essay writing contest, Mass Communication (English / Izon translation), Spelling Bee, and other entertainment slam.


Comr. Inaibo Abel, the Secretary General of Ogulagha Community and Chairman Human Resources and Development committee, the apex body in charge of educational matters in Ogulagha community welcome the schools and their principals and students to Ogulagha community with the Aim of promoting academic Excellence and disabuse the use of hard drugs and substance.

Impartial Panel Of Judges at the event


It was a massive display of talents as students exhibit intelligence and excellence which saw winners in the variety of activities:

Winners Of The Various Activities For The Ogulagha Kingdom Secondary Schools Assembly 2023

1. Singing / Music Talent Hunt
Winner: Word of Faith, Ogulagha
Student’s name: Tomone Melody


Debate Winner 1 : Word of Faith
Names of Students/ participants: Celestine Karebai
Divine Lodje

Debate Winner 2: Odimodi Sec. School
Names of Students/ participants:
Anthonet Eseimokumor
Gift Ayetan

Debate Winner 3: Burutu Grammar School
Names of Students/ participants:
Koroko Jennifer
Ebono Ephraim

Debate Winner 4: Sure Foundation Academy
Names of Students/ participants:
Maika Timipere
Ebi Blessing

3. Spelling Bee
Winner: Burutu Grammar school
Student: Magbe Godbless

4. Quiz
( Senior category )
Winner: Ogulagha Sec. sch.
Student: Odoguna Ebimo

( Junior category )
Winner: Ogulagha Sec. sch.
Student: Thompson Desmond

       Corp Members at the event

5. Mass communication
(English/Izon translation)
Winner: Hoga Int’l school

6. Essay Writing competition
Winner: Sokebolou Secondary School

The Ogulagha kingdom secondary schools Assembly which is a brain child of the Human Resources and Development Committee of Ogulagha community was generously sponsored by philanthropists and lovers of education; Capt Lethemsay Braboke Inaibagha, Chief Kestin Ebimorbowei Pondi, Capt. Joseph Ziko, Comr. Godfrey Tare Pondi, Chief Sylvester Oromoni, Dr. Engr. Eddy Pondi (PhD), Deacon Akposafagha Seimode, Mr. Andy Samayi, and Chief Abule James. Your generosity has not only provided financial backing but has become the cornerstone of a brighter future for our community’s youth. The educational initiatives you support go beyond monetary assistance; they signify a commitment to nurturing a generation of leaders equipped with knowledge, resilience, and a profound sense of purpose. Your goodwill has become a beacon lighting the path of countless students, guiding them towards a future rich with possibilities. As we express our heartfelt thanks, may your generosity be a source of inspiration for others to follow. May your pockets be replenished abundantly, and may the goodwill you have sown into our community bear fruit for generations to come.

In his closing remark, Comr. Inaibo Abel, admonished the general public to carry forward the torch of education ignited by unreserved support and continue working collaboratively towards a community where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Comr. Inaibo Abel also expressed, thank you, to the panel of Judges; Comr. Bright B. A. Guwor- Chief judge, Hon. Godfrey Tukpa, Comr. Keneware Emmanuel, Comr. Appolos Etemebiri, Deaconesses Blessing Jack and Min. Deme Francis for their fare and unbiased judgement. To all members of the Human Resources and Development Committee, for not just supporting an event but for championing a cause that transcends time and enriches the lives of future leaders.

Comr. Inaibo Abel conclusively acknowledged that the Ogulagha Kingdom Secondary Schools Assembly is a program that have come to stay and to encourage young learners and build a formidable education prowess among the future leaders. Hence, this same season next year 2024 the Human Resources and Development Committee promises to come up with full expectations a more elegant edition of the program.

For and on behalf of the Human Resources and development committee, Ogulagha community (Major Host and Organisers of the program)

* Comr. Inaibo Abel – Chairman, HRDC.
* Pst. Amb. Goddy Jack Ebimienkumor (JP)
* Hon. Engr. Williams Jack
*Hon. Bosin Jacob
* Hon. Pst. Orus Pupu
* Luwatimi Guwor
* Hon. Frank Oruigodo
* Hon. God’spower Maika
* Hon. Tare Peanock



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