Why I Won’t Back Shaibu to Succeed Me – Edo Governor, Obaseki


Briga News Nigeria

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki yesterday explained why he would not back his deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu, to succeed him.

“Shaibu always plays the card of a very loyal deputy, but this is far from reality. A sinner runs when no one pursues him.

“The most blame goes to Governor Obaseki for trying to adopt a civilised manner in relating with his deputy, in a society where such gesture would be taken for weakness.”

The relationship between the governor and the deputy was ruptured over the deputy governor’s decision to contest next year’s election.

The governor is believed to be backing a Lagos-based professional to succeed him in office.

He said: “No PDP lawmaker in Edo State House of Assembly has informed me of any move to impeach the deputy governor. As a party, we are not aware of the impeachment plot.

“We will soon get over the disagreement between Governor Obaseki and Comrade Shaibu, as we are making efforts, but you do not expect me to give the details on the pages of the newspaper.”



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