Benarede Congratulate Benikurukuru on His Inauguration As PIA Chairman, Iduwini Delta


By Peter Jonah

Comr. Iyemuwei Company Benarede has Congratulated Engr. Akin Benikurukuru on his emergence and successful Inauguration as the PIA (Petroleum Industry Act) Chairman, Iduwini Delta Cluster Development Board.

Benarede expresses delight and euphoria, adding that Benikurukuru is a tested and trusted leader with proven leadership qualities and charisma worthy of emulation.

In a statement made available to Briga News Nigeria, Benarede describe Benikurukuru’s emergence as an act of answered prayer by God, ranging from his selfless leadership and humanitarian nature.

In his words; With Engr. Akin Benikurukuru in the mantle of leadership, I am confident we are on the right track for unprecedented growth and development in Iduwini Delta.

“Akin has an impeccable track record of groundbreaking strides of breeding peace, unity, oneness and human capital empowerments.

Meanwhile, Company had also extend his hands of felicitations to all other members of the Board, advising the Engr. Akin Benikurukuru lead PIA Board to carry every one along particularly the youths.

He however, pray for God to direct his path and give him the needed wisdom in good health to complete his term in a remarkable and memorable way.



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