State of IYC Affair: Niger Delta Activist Carpets Igbifa, Describe Him the Cash-out President with Zero Achievement


By Peter Jonah

Renowned Niger Delta Frontline Activist, social crusader and youth Advocate, Comr Keneware Emmanuel fondly called the Pentiger has lashes out to president of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Worldwide, Dcn Timothy Peter Igbifa over the state of affairs of the Council.

The youth advocate carpets Igbifa for staging a kangaroo impeachment of the Speaker of the 5th Mobile Parliament, Rt Hon Bob Collins Igetei and other Principal officers of the house with less than forty (40) members out of the one hundred and seventy seven (177) members of which he cajoled and bribed in his hotel in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

According to him, since the emergence of Igbifa in Council’s helm of affair, Council can’t boost of any laudable and tangible achievements instead he disgraced and reduced the entire Council to nothing just like a toothless bull-dog.

In a statement issued to newsmen on Sunday, a copy of which was sent to Briga News Nigeria, Comr Keneware describe Igbifa as a cash-out president with no achievement to his name in his three years administration.
He noted that Igbifa needs to apologize to Ijaw Youths for cash-out in the eve of the NDDC protest and kidnapping himself by himself, thereby fooling Ijaw Youths and relegating them to the mud.

The advocate argued that Igbifa’s quest of monopolizing the IYC inorder to get a successor made him to go ahead and adopt the Ataba Constitutional Convention where parliamentarians, Zonal/Chapter Chairmen as well as critical stakeholders did not attend.

In his words “I wish to express my outright displeasure and dissatisfaction over the president Igbifa’s led 8th NEC for their disregarding, manipulative, oppressive and dogmatic style of leadership that has ruin and relegated the once vocal, vibrant, active, dogged and fearless Ijaw Youth Council.

“His three years of office has brought nothing but pain and misery. He has zero achievement but has series of unfortunate and disgraceful acts that have plaque the revered Council to Igbifa’s Cash-out Council.

“The president’s overbearing attitude towards trying to cowed the National Eleco to do his bidding is yet another despicable act he has put himself.
He has shown to the whole world that he is indeed shameless, for manipulating the Eleco Chairman he nominated to sell forms in his Hotel in Rivers state against the agreement of the entire Eleco members where the Ijaw House, Yenagoa, was agreed.

“Igbifa should desist from trying to ridicule the entire Council that made him.
A fight against a system you benefits from is tantamount to one meeting his waterloo.
He should organize a press conference to apologize to Ijaw Youths as his tenure winds down in July, and not to cause issues before leaving.

“It is saddened that nothing will be attached to his name in Council as an outgoing president except his Cash-out and kidnapping himself.

Recalled that Comr Keneware Emmanuel has sometimes this year called for the impeachment of president Igbifa has a result of his gross misconduct, abuse of power, financial misappropriation and recklessness.


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