Preserving Ijaw Cultural Heritage: A Call To Bayelsa State Government



By Engr John Perede Akpoyibo

In light of China’s growing economic influence on the global stage, there has been discussion surrounding potential bilateral relations between Bayelsa State and China. However, it is crucial to emphasize that China’s economic prowess does not warrant the inclusion of Chinese studies in the school curriculum.

While acknowledging China’s significant role in world trade and commerce, the Bayelsa State Government must prioritize the preservation and promotion of Ijaw cultural heritage over embracing foreign influences. It is essential to recognize that economic partnerships should not come at the cost of diluting one’s cultural identity.

The Ijaw people have a rich and vibrant cultural heritage that deserves preservation and celebration. By focusing on Ijaw cultural education across the region and beyond, Bayelsa can empower its youth with a strong sense of pride in their heritage and identity. This approach fosters unity and resilience within the community, laying the groundwork for sustainable development.

India serves as a compelling example of a nation that has achieved remarkable progress while retaining its cultural and linguistic diversity. Bayelsa can similarly thrive by investing in its cultural capital and promoting Ijaw traditions, languages, and values.

In a world that increasingly values cultural diversity and heritage preservation, Bayelsa has an opportunity to stand out as a beacon of cultural resilience. The state government should drive the spread and standardization of the Ijaw language, ensuring its recognition and usage across various sectors.

By shunning moves towards Chinese influence and prioritizing Ijaw cultural education, including the spread and standardization of the Ijaw language, the state can chart a course towards inclusive development that honors its unique identity.

It is time for the Bayelsa State Government to reaffirm its commitment to preserving and promoting Ijaw cultural heritage. Let us embrace a future where cultural pride and economic progress go hand in hand, ensuring that Bayelsa remains a stronghold of diversity and resilience in Nigeria.




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