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THE Fiyeowei (Spokesman) of Gbaramatu Kingdom, High Chief (Dr.) Godspower Gbenekama has said that with the economic reality being experienced in Nigeria, the country has become directionless.

The fiery Gbaramatu High Chief in a chat with PEBNEWS in Warri Tuesday noted that what led to revolution in Ghana decades ago was not up to the sufferings in Nigeria.

He accused Nigerian leaders at all tiers of being very insensitive with their policies and don’t have a cue of what the common man is going through.

According to him, “Four years ago when my children wanted to travel to UK I said there was no need but that we can make life out of this country. But today I doff my hat for my children for knowing that there is no future in this country, as it is today.

“Everybody expected that the Emilokan of Lagos will be Emilokan of Nigeria. What we find out now is that maybe the development of Lagos touted to him was a subterfuge. Maybe the development was not even his idea.

“How can one explain it, the country where the naira exchange rate to a dollar is now worth N1600. Where are we going, a bag of rice is over N70,000, Garri we can’t buy it. Emilokan came, the first announcement he made was removal of subsidy, blocking leakages. What leakages?

“What leakages have they blocked. We don’t know where we are going. A bag of cement is now 14,000 Naira here in Warri, it is very unfortunate. We have lost it. We are directionless. In fact, directionless is is an understatement. This is a country that needs some form of revolution. Any kind of revolution that will bring back sanity into the heads of the leaders.

“This morning, I was talking to my wife and she said that a gas bottle of about 12.5kg is about N18,000 plus, where are we going? Immediately the Remove was subsidy we thought gas was less. So people started converting their generating sets to gas, what do you see today, gas is more expensive than fuel. How can I be comfortable?” He queried

An angry Gbenekama added further, “It’s a shame. We are dying. Nigeria is at the brink. Ghana was not in this bad shape before people started migrating from Ghana to Nigeria. Something happened and Ghanians went back, Ghana is better for it.

“We can’t keep quiet like this. Some of us are not used to talking every day in the newspapers. But we have got to another level, I am ashamed of the leaders of this country. I am ashamed of our generation. Anybody that is 60 years or 50 years above is a part of this mess.

“And the earlier we fix it, the better for all of us. We may be comfortable lighting generators in our houses. But one day, the common man will tell us we don’t have a road to pass. It’s very unfortunate. I am bothered.” He stated.



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