Ibiyeomie Charges Christians To Rise To A New Calling


Briga News Nigeria

Members of the Salvation Ministries with headquarters in Port Harcourt of Rivers State are on a 21-day fasting and prayer, leading to “Glory Reign” programme.

It is already Day 6 and members are thanking God for the strength to carry on.

The General overseer, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has spearheaded the teachings in all the sessions, admonishing Christians to rise to the calling of seeing more souls won for Jesus Christ.

He provided deep spiritual teachings that should motivate the members on the pedestal of soul winning.

In the exposure provided by the teachings, Pastor Ibiyeomie exhorted the congregation on the very essence of the Christian faith rooted in quality of passion demonstrated towards winning souls.

Christians, he stated must be more concerned in seeing souls saved by Jesus Christ and help them get established in the word and will of God.

Pastor Ibiyeomie emphasised on the understanding why soul winning remains the most profitable, most pricing Christians’ preoccupation since it is a command and not a choice.



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