Dibia: The Empowerment Icon; A Birthday Tribute


Briga News Nigeria

An icon is a perfect example of a worthwhile profession or something.
It is a leading emblem or representation of something.

Sir Godfrey Tare Pondi popularly known as the Dibia is a perfect and leading example of an icon. A youth leader who believes in youthful growth, prosperity and progress.

Dibia could best be described as a builder of men. A man who lavishly empower youths not with only cash gifts but houses and cars.

A good, amiable, hospitable, generous, magnanimous and kindhearted human of this sort is truly rare in our present times. No wonder he is widely called “The King of the Youths”.

A king worth celebrating, extolling and eulogizing. A king with super capacity, who puts smile in the faces of many irrespective of background or social status.

Dibia is a leader who puts to practice the saying “the young shall grow”. He is truly a leader par excellence, a blessing to the youths of the Niger Delta.

As you clock a year older, it is my earnest prayer that your heart of magnanimity continue to be enlarge as the Almighty gives you longevity, sound health and more of His prosperous blessings.

Comr Keneware Emmanuel writes from the desk of Briga Media


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