Bonga Oil Spill: Group Threatens to Shutdown Shell Facilities As Ultimatum Expires


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A group under the aegis of Concerned Bonga Oil Spill Victims and Impacted Communities (CBOSIC) have threatened to occupy facilities of the Shell Exploration And Production Company Ltd, (SNEPCO) following the expiration of a 14-Day ultimatum and 7 days notice given to the company to address their demands.

The groups in statement, Wednesday signed by Mike Tiemo and Gbigbi Nelson, President and Secretary respectively, noted that “having duly informed all security agencies in Nigeria in line with the relevant provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended, would proceed to occupy Shell facilities on a peaceful protest march from July 18th 2023.”

Recall that the group had on May 20th 2023, demanded that Shell pays the sum of $3.6 billion to all the impacted communities and victims of the Bonga Oil Spill.

The incident had occurred on December 20, 2011, while an oil tanker was being loaded at the company’s Bonga oil field, 120 kilometers off the Delta coast. It is estimated that 40,000 barrels of crude oil leaked during that time.

The group further said that they have written a letter to Shell notifying them about their plans to occupy their facilities from July 18th 2023.

The letter titled, RE: PAY COMPENSATION OF $3, 600, 191,206.00 TO IMPACTED COMMUNITIES AND VICTIMS OF BONGA OIL SPILL WITHIN 14 DAYS, and made available to National Reformer reads; “Thank you for your letter of 22nd June 2023. We were very clear and unambiguous in our demand letter of 20th May 2023 that we do not believe in litigation with the Shell

“The Shell group concocted a ‘Mystery Spill to avoid liability from the outset of the Bonga Spill incident. Whatever has happened or happening in the courts does not concern us the (CBOSIC).

“All we are saying is enough of taking undue advantage of the weak regulatory institutions, corrupt Judicial system and a Federal government that cannot take the well-being of its citizens as priority to continue to pollute, devastate our land and oppress our people.

“If Nigeria is a serious country the Shell group would have been expelled long time ago. Why was it that the Shell group could not challenge the United States regulatory authority in the Gulf of Mexico spill?

“The tissues of lies contained in your letter dated June 22nd 2023 as response to our fetter of demand dated 20th May 2023 notwithstanding we move to exercise our constitutional right as stated in our notice dated 19th of June 2023 to occupy your facilities from July 18th 2023.

“Enough is enough, it is time to call out the Shall group for the criminal atrocities on our land in the name of oil exploration without a human face.

Source: ReformerOnline


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