Birthday: Extolling The Leadership Sagacity Of Chief Francis Boumiebi


Briga News Nigeria

Boumiebi, as the nomenclature sounds, is a household name in the Niger Delta and beyond.

It is a name that open doors and gave men unhindered access to the gates of the high and mighty.

A man of timber and calibre, who romance with the powers that be, and has obtained favour from God and man.

A grassroot mobilizer, known for his strong leadership acumen, authority, and sagacity.
A former Beach Master, Employment Secretary, President, Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council, OKYC, Vice Chairman and Chairman of Ogulagha Community, former Chairman, Burutu Internal revenue, Vice Chairman, Burutu Local Government PDP and two term Senior Special Assistant, SSA, on Community Development and Political matters respectively, has indeed serve humanity dutifully and wholeheartedly.

Despite human error, has in the case of Moses in the Bible, posterity will stand tall to commend and shower encomium to a man of such magnitude.

Birthdays are special and memorable events of our creation vis a vis paying barrels of unreserved gratitude to God Almighty for the gift of life and the journey thus far.

Therefore, as you celebrate, it is my heartfelt prayer that God Almighty grant your heart desires in good health and vitality as well as longevity.

Once again, Congratulations and Happy Blessed Birthday Sir

Comr Keneware Emmanuel ‘The Pentiger’ CEO, Briga News Nigeria



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