Birthday: Eulogies To A Young Political Strategist and Niger Delta Brain


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Comr. Victor Oyinke Isereke, popularly and widely known as Veekite has proven beyond human comprehension as an emerging Niger Delta Youth leader and intelligentia.

A quite, calm but calculative strategist, tactician, focus driven with political sagacity, brainy with embodiment of quintessential leadership, with hard work as watchword and inspiration to many with charismatic role model.

A sound graduate with Second Class upper honours in Zoology from the prestigious Delta State University, Abraka; and a Masters degree in Parliamentary Administration from the Nigerian National Assembly owned National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, Abuja.

He is said to have made way to the political speaking space consciously and has made conscious efforts to remain relevant in that space for as long as he want.

The grassroot is said to be the bedrock of political inclination and advancement. Hence, Comr. Victor Isereke has endeared himself to the grassroot through service in several capacities; he started off as the President of the National Association of Ogulagha Clan Students, NAOCS; Assistant Secretary and Secretary General of Ogulagha community; and served in several delegated capacities in the interest of his people.

Inspired by his flair and zeal for politics, he was appointed the Youth Leader in the peoples Democratic Party PDP; became campaign office Administrator to the Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi Campaign Organisation in 2014 and subsequently appointed Personal Assistant, P.A, to the Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi, when the former leader of Burutu Legislative Arm, against all odds, was fortunately favoured by the God of politics to clinch the seat as member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Burutu Federal Constituency. A position Comr. Victor serves till date.

In the political scene, people are applauded by their intellectualism, tact and strategies deployed to win political opponents, as well as to keep the populace endeared to their preferred political actors.

These qualities, mostly has being attributed to older politicians who sometimes, as a result of their wealth of experience, affluence, assets or financial muscles enjoys continual political patronage from the people.

Ironically, hitherto, Comr. Victor Oyinke Isereke, has assiduously proven beyond doubt to be a young political strategist as he keeps pace with the comrade community, well-meaning youths and influential political dramatist persona to give his boss soft landing with all classes of persons in society as he is always in touch and tactfully influences anyone to his side with ease.

His tact and strategy has wield him much influence so as to quell and calm aggrieved parties in the political space without much intervention; with his charisma embodied on humility, technicalities, political wisdom and idealism, influence, philanthropism and humanitarianism.

Such individuals, no doubt are painstakingly reward by nature and the society. They are always favoured and catapulted to be decision makers at the highest echelon of political power and leadership prowess.

Honestly, he deserves be lauded; though his unassuming disposition, simplicity and humility has made not many to celebrate his contributions to peace and societal growth; I take this moment to appreciate this young enigma who’s quiet role is the much needed factor that has endeared the so many Burutu Federal Constituents to the activities of the performing representative of the Burutu people in the green Chambers of the National Assembly.

Hence, as you achieve another milestone today, it is my heartfelt prayer that the Lord God Almighty will continue to be gracious into you, grant your desires hastely, favour you among men, and take you to the highest echelon of society with good health and longevity.

Congratulations once again, and Happy Blessed Birthday Sir!


Comr Keneware Emmanuel “The Pentiger”, CEO, Briga News Nigeria


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