Birthday: Celebrating Capt Letthemsay Braboke, A True Humanitarian and Marine Veteran


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It is said that, it is the silence of good men, that has made society backward, corruptible and moribund.

Capt Letthemsay Braboke Enaibagha has distinguish himself on the part of societal betterment and liberation. His guts, determination, focus and perseverance is a trait of model for the younger generation.

Capt Letthemsay Braboke Enaibagha, is a true humanitarian, filled with the milk of human compassion and kindness. His words encourages and lift souls, his appearance intimidates but challenges men to work hard, his guts frightens but acts as a model to follow.

Braboke’s giving Grace is beyond human comprehension. He give with his words, hands, appearance, way of life, and is never threatened by tomorrow.

He is an epitome of humility, a cosmopolitan humanism, a redefinition of philanthropism, a model of emulation and role-modelship. One who posterity will live to celebrate. His kinds comes once in a century. A true resounding mariner, topnotch business mogul, who understands the language of the ocean and the sea.

The fishes rejoice when his vessels are onboard, whales jump in amusement for him, the tides clap louder because of his humanitarian deeds.

Despite the blessings of God upon his life, he mingle with the young, old, poor and rich, without discrimination. He is indeed the man of the people and a man of his words. Discipline, dedicated, visionary and foresight.

Birthdays are special times of human reflection on the journey thus far on earth.
As you celebrate, I felicitate with you and pray for greater impact, exploit in life, with longevity and rest roundabout.

Congratulations, once again and Happy Blessed Birthday Sir.
Capt Letthemsay Braboke Enaibagha

Comr Keneware Peremobowei Emmanuel (Pentiger)
CEO, Briga News Nigeria



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