Actress Fubara Give Reason For Shooting Many Movies In Port Harcourt


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Nigerian movie actress and film maker, Seleye Fubara has been shooting some movies in Port Harcourt for some time now, she just finished her fourth movie and about to shoot the fifth one.

Some of the movies she has shot are, What do I do with you, Suitcases, Swapped fate, Now they see you.

She has also featured some Nollywood big names like, Queen Wokoma, Chioma Nwosu, Rita Edochie, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Bryan Emmanuel, Okey Uzoechi, Matilda Lambert, Millicent Jack, Ovunda Ihunwo etc

Niger Delta Insider publicist, Dave of Africa (Dave Tuetara) asked her the question, Why so many movies?

She said, making lots of movie in Port Harcourt is the only way to get attention from other filmmakers, telling them that Port Harcourt is safe for business and it can have a thriving movie industry

That all it needs is investment and adequate support.

“The movie industry is one of the biggest employers in Nigeria and one doesn’t necessarily need a degree or certificate to be successful in it.

“Filmmakers bring development, business and improve tourism wherever they go.

“They have done it in Asaba, Enugu, Lagos, Kano, so it can also be done in Port Harcourt

“We have the talent here, I hope we can harness it. Port harcourt to the world is possible for Port Harcourt filmmakers.”


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