9 Years Old Rivers Girl, Ibingo Fubara Wins 2024 Little Miss Humanitarian Nigeria


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Queen Sherron Ibingo Fubara, a 9 years old girl from Ogoloma in Okrika LGA Rivers State, Nigeria has won the 2024 Little Miss Humanitarian Nigeria.

The event was held at The Arena event center in GRA, Port Harcourt on Sunday 31st March, 2024.

From a very young age, Queen Sherron developed a deep passion for modeling and beauty pageants, which ignited her journey towards success.

At the tender age of 2, Queen Sherron began her modeling career, participating in fashion and runway events, print and commercial modeling, and even winning a beauty pageant last year. Her early accomplishments in the modeling industry served as a testament to her exceptional talent and determination.

However, Queen Sherron’s aspirations extend beyond the world of glamour and fame. Her true motivation lies in her unwavering dedication to serving God and humanity. With a genuine desire to make a positive impact on society, she decided to participate in the prestigious Little Miss Humanitarian Nigeria 2024 contest.

Queen Sherron’s ultimate goal is to empower young girls to embrace their authentic selves and have the confidence to pursue their dreams fearlessly. She firmly believes in the power of taking action and wants to inspire others to do the same.

Alongside her advocacy for basic education for all children, Queen Sherron’s passion for teaching led her to launch the Sherron’s Learning Show on June 18, 2020. Through this initiative, she aims to provide educational resources and opportunities to children, ensuring they have access to quality education regardless of their background.

With her remarkable achievements and compassionate heart, Queen Sherron Ibingo Fubara continues to inspire and uplift those around her. She proves that age is not a barrier to making a difference and that with determination and passion, anyone can become a shining beacon of hope in their community.



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