Urgent Call for Unity and Exemplary Leadership in the Ijaw Youth Council


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The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), as the apex pressure group representing the interests of the Ijaw nation worldwide, has long been a symbol of hope, empowerment, and advocacy for the Ijaw people. However, recent developments within the organization have raised concerns about disunity and a weakening of the overall structure. It is imperative for stakeholders to come together and initiate a total revamping of the system, focusing on fostering unity and embracing a leadership style that exemplifies integrity and inclusivity.

Disunity and Weakening Structure:

Accusations and sentiments between the zonal leaders and the central head of the IYC have reached a critical point, threatening the organization’s ability to effectively carry out its mission. Such a disunited front not only hampers the election process but also undermines the IYC’s credibility and its ability to address the concerns of the Ijaw people effectively. It is crucial for stakeholders to recognize the urgent need for unity and take immediate action.

Reviewing the Leadership Style:

The current state of affairs calls for a thorough review of the leadership style within the Ijaw Youth Council. The traditional modus operandi of division, finger-pointing, and internal strife has proven to be detrimental to the organization’s objectives. Instead, stakeholders must embrace an exemplary leadership model that prioritizes collaboration, transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

First and foremost, leaders should foster an atmosphere of open dialogue and respect, where differing opinions are encouraged and valued. Disputes and grievances should be addressed through constructive means, emphasizing mediation and compromise. By cultivating an environment of trust and unity, the IYC can rebuild its foundation and regain the confidence of its members and supporters.

Furthermore, leaders must exhibit integrity and ethical conduct in their actions and decisions. Transparency should be at the forefront, ensuring that the organization’s activities and resources are managed responsibly and in the best interest of the Ijaw people. By holding themselves accountable to the highest standards, the IYC can set a precedent for good governance and inspire others to follow suit.

Inclusivity should also be a core principle of the revamped leadership structure. All zonal leaders, along with the central head, must actively engage and involve members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. By embracing the diversity within the Ijaw nation, the IYC can foster a sense of belonging and ensure that the voices of all Ijaw youths are heard and represented.

The Ijaw Youth Council stands at a critical juncture, facing internal strife and a weakening structure. To overcome these challenges and reestablish itself as a formidable force for positive change, the organization must prioritize unity and exemplary leadership. By revamping the system and embracing a leadership style that encourages collaboration, transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, the IYC can regain its strength and effectively advocate for the rights and welfare of the Ijaw people. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to come together, set aside personal sentiments, and work towards a brighter future for the IYC and the Ijaw nation as a whole.

Engr Akpoyibo John Perede, writes from Ayakoromor, Delta State



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