Stop Bearing Gbeneyei 1 of Ogulagha Kingdom Title, Court Restrain Chief Akara


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Warri ______ A High Court in Effurun Division, Delta State, in a judgement delivered by Justice Roli Harriman, has restrained Chief Lucky Akara Gbeneyei from referring to himself as Gbeneyei 1 of Ogulagha Kingdom in the Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Justice Harriman delivered the judgement in a suit between the claimant, Chief Gbeneyei, and the defendants Elder, Captain King Joseph Timiyan the Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha Kingdom, Torububor 1; Chief Williams Igere, Chief Prefugha Karawei and Chief Emaye Benidiwei.

The judge said in her judgement that Chief Gbeneyei was not conferred the chieftaincy title of Gbeneyei 1 by the traditional ruler of Ogulagha Kingdom and as such should not have used the title in a newspaper publication.

Justice Harriman who dismissed the claims of Chief Gbeneyei with the sum of two hundred thousand naira also awarded five hundred thousand naira as damages in favour to the defendants for libellous statements published by Chief Gbeneyei against them.

In addition, the court further restrained Chief Gbeneyei from referring to the trio of Chief William Igere, Chief Prefugha Karawei, and Chief Emaye Benidiwei as mindless, noting that the position occupied by the monarch and his chiefs is not only one of authority but also commands respect within and outside their kingdom.

Chief Prefugha, speaking on behalf of the other defendants on the outcome of the case, hailed the judgement as the right decision and that it has finally put to rest the contentious issue that has been debated for over two years.



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