Shedrack Abu Splashes Cash Gifts To 10 Oldest People In Ogulagha Kingdom, To Mark Birth Anniversary


By Peter Jonah

••• Receives Prayer for longevity and prosperity

Secretary General of the oil rich Obotobo 2 Community, Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta, Amb Shedrack Abu has doles out cash gifts to ten oldest people across the length and breath of Ogulagha Kingdom to mark his birth anniversary.

Abu, who states that it is a thing of joy and gladness for God Almighty to add another feat to him. Stresses that the only way to express his gratitude to God is to gift the elderly a cash gift.

    Chief Pa Horgan Alaye

However, Briga Media gathered that Amb Shedrack Abu gifted ten (10) thousand naira each to ten oldest people across the zones in Ogulagha Kingdom.

The humanitarian kind gesture of Amb Shedrack Abu receives a massive ovation as the beneficiaries pour out prayers of longevity, prosperity, good health, supernatural upliftment and God Almighty granting his heart desires.

It is said that the prayers of elders are strong verdict that ascends conspicuously to heaven.
Abu’s destiny is indeed bright as the elderly declares mind-blowing and prophetic words for him as they receive his cash gift.

Meanwhile, among those who receive the cash gift of Amb Shedrack Abu includes;

Mama Iyorabigha Soude, oldest woman Ogulagha Community

Pa Evene Akogbene, Oldest Man Ogulagha Community

              Pa Gutter Lukpe

Ogulagha Community

•• Pa Evene Akogbene
•• Mama Iyorabigha Soude
•• Pa Lukpe Gutter

Sokebolou Community

•• Chief Pa Horgan Alaye
•• Mama Binkayan Agediga

Obotobo 1, Community

•• Pa Ariezu Abel Kalaoru
•• Mama D.P.O

Obotobo 2 Community

•• Pa Ekenbai
•• Mama Uneyor
•• Chief Pa Abu Ikiogha

Briga Media also learnt that Shedrack Abu is an ordained Deacon in the vineyard of God, happily married to Mrs Blessing Shedrack Abu and the union is blessed with children.



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