Political Followership Should Come With Commensurate Reward


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Politics is not leisure trip by tourists and pleasure seekers who adventure to have new experiences and also free themselves from daily routine pressures.

I also fault those who argue that politics is not a career, except they have a different definition of career.

People choose politics as a career, same way others choose soldiering, medicine, engineering, etc.

Everyone go into Politics with set goals and targets. No one go into politics for fun or without positive reasons.

Moving forward, key players in secular politics can be categorized into two broad categories:

1. Leaders/Critical Stakeholders

2. People, Masses, Hoi Polloi/Electorate

The ‘State’ as a system has an institution which is the instrumentality of governance that is the Chief Custodian of the Commonwealth and Patrimony of the people.

The institution which manifest in the form of government also has Drivers who belong to the Judiciary, Legislature and Executive.

Under the Executive Arm, we have the Elected Officers and Political Appointees.

In all, the Masses (People) occupy the centre position because everything revolves around them.

It is from within the Masses (People) that some individuals are elected, delegated, chosen or appointed as representatives of the whole.

It is pertinent to state that the representatives are direct Employees of the Employers which in this case are the Masses.

There is absolutely no way the Employee can be greater than his Employers that he or she is accountable to.

The above then situates us on the need for Followers to get adequate rewards for their Fidelity/Loyalty.

A leader cannot continually demand for Loyalty and Support from followers when they don’t get rewards for opportunities they pray and work for.

In the Principle of MASTER-SERVANT Relationship, while the servants pray and work for the success of the master, it is expected that the master rewards and also carry the Servants along during enjoyments.

It becomes very abnormal when the followers and servants work for the success of the master only to be starved, impoverished and deliberately denied all life changing and sustaining opportunities.

If a Leader/Master has multitudes of close allies, friends and Followers and you cannot mention a handful of persons he made even with generational life changing opportunities, then something is fundamentally wrong.

The same way the Wealth of rich men manifest in their wives, children and households including the environment they live, same is suppose to be applicable to that of Master and Servants/Followers.

Anything contrary is unacceptable because it is abnormal.

~~~ Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli aka Mirror and Conscience of Society.



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