Pipeline Surveillance: Call Mariere To Order Now – Group Tells FG


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The coordinator of Iwere Resource Watch (IRW) Mr. Debi Asifor has urged the Federal Government to call Chief Ejeroghene Mariere to order, noting that they are aware of his agitation for the cancellation of the surveillance contract held by Pipelines Infrastructures Nigeria Limited (PINL), a company backed by the Olu of Warri, which has consistently demonstrated its capabilities and commitment to excellence in its field.

Speaking with Journalists Today in Warri, Asifor said “ It’s crucial to approach this issue with a clear understanding of the historical and territorial context. The Olu of Warri has a longstanding territorial claim over more than 80% of what is today known as Warri. This includes the Itsekiri territories, which contribute to over 60% of the total oil and gas production in Delta State.

“Given this significant contribution, it’s only fair and just that the communities involved have a say in the management and protection of these resources. The surveillance contract awarded to Pipelines Infrastructures Nigeria Limited (PINL), a company believed to be backed by the Olu of Warri, can be seen as a recognition of this right.

“To dare to call for the cancellation of a job that is under the Olu of Warri is to disregard the historical and territorial rights of the Itsekiri people. It’s essential to respect these rights and contributions and to ensure that the benefits of the region’s resources are equitably shared among those who have a rightful claim to them.

“It’s delightful to note that the recent elevation not up yo 1 year to the esteemed position of Executive Vice President, upstream of our beloved Oritsemeyiwa Eyisan has drawn attention. However, linking her to a 12-year-old surveillance contract, courtesy of Chief Ejiroghene Mariere of the Niger Delta for Peace and Justice seems rather amusing. The unmatched prowess of PINL as surveillance contractors is well recognized by the government. Any comparison with others is simply not feasible.

“We, at IRW, find this call not only baseless but also utterly absurd. It is an attempt to undermine the credibility of a company that has proven its worth time and again. PINL’s track record speaks volumes about its dedication to providing top-notch surveillance services. The company’s operations have been instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of our resources, contributing significantly to the economic growth and stability of our region.

“The backing of PINL by the Olu of Warri is a testament to the company’s integrity and proficiency. It is a clear indication of the trust and confidence that our esteemed leader has in PINL’s ability to deliver on its mandate. This is not a decision that was made lightly. It was based on a thorough evaluation of PINL’s operations, its commitment to its contractual obligations, and its unwavering dedication to excellence.

“We, therefore, condemn in its entirety the call by Chief Mariere for the cancellation of PINL’s contract. We view this as an attempt to sow seeds of discord within our community and to disrupt the harmony that we have worked so hard to foster.

“The Iwere Resource Watch stands firmly behind PINL and the Olu of Warri. We believe in their vision and their ability to contribute positively to our community. We will continue to support them and to speak out against any attempts to undermine their credibility”.



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