Pastor Who Invited Me To Preach In His Church, Kidnapped Me – Uma Ukpai Narrates Ordeal


Briga News Nigeria

I was invited by a church in Aba. We went. They took me to their bedroom and kept my wife in their parlour. And they asked me to bring every money on me and the key to my car.

So, I told the pastor of the church; so you invited a guess speaker, locked him up, collect his money and the key to his car. I will give you the key when I hear God say surrender the key and the money to them and I will give it to you. But for now, I will not.

They said no problem. We’ll give you a cup to drink from and you will hear God tell you to give us the key to your car and the money on you.

I said, “sure, bring the liquid(poison), let me drink”. They brought me a liquid and I said to the liquid, ”thou liquid(poison), I drink you as tea and you must function as tea. If you go beyond the boundaries of tea, whatever God is going to do to you, don’t call my name”.

I raised the cup up and said, “thou cup, you are now tea..”

I watched them till it got to midnight. I said to them, “it’s now my turn to demonstrate the power of the kingdom I represent. You have given me something and I have taken it.

They ran to my wife; madam… come come come, oga is angry, he wants to kill us.

My wife walked over to where I was and said, “you like trouble. They have open that gate, let us go”.

Madam..who is causing trouble? Me or they? I came to preach for them, they lock me up, they want money, they want key. Who is the one breaking the law? Me or these people? She said, “na u sabi”.

And they began to beg me…. I like when my enemy beg me for their life to be spared.



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