Oborevwori Vow to End Suffering of Delta State Residents with Flood Control Measures


By Peter Jonah

The persistent rains have once again brought with them the familiar woes of flooding in Delta State. As blocked natural waterways and drainages continue to wreak havoc on the lives and properties of the people, Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s administration has announced a decisive measure to tackle the issue.

Starting Monday, August 7th, 2023, the Office of the Director-General Special Duties, under the leadership of Chief Frank Omare, will begin the process of demolishing illegal structures that have been erected on natural water channels in various parts of the state. The move aims to facilitate the free flow of water to existing rivers in Warri, Uvwie, Udu, Sapele, Ughelli, and other vulnerable regions.

“The devastating consequences of flooding have been a pressing concern for our people. We can no longer stand by while our communities suffer. It’s time for bold action,” said Governor Sheriff Oborevwori in an official statement.

Beyond the destruction of hard-earned property, the floods also disrupt social and economic activities, inflicting significant hardships on the affected communities. With this proactive step by the state administration, a glimmer of hope emerges for those who have borne the brunt of flood-related challenges.

“Illegal structures erected on natural water channels exacerbate the flooding problem and put our people at risk. This move is crucial to safeguarding our communities from the devastating effects of flooding,” emphasized Chief Frank Omare, Director-General of Special Duties.

“The time has come for us to get it right,” Governor Oborevwori emphasized. “Enough of the sufferings of our people whenever it rains because some people deliberately built on natural water channels.”

The operation to demolish these unauthorized constructions is expected to be carried out with careful planning and adherence to relevant laws and regulations. The state government has assured that efforts will be made to minimize any unintended impact on the rightful property owners while safeguarding the larger community’s interests.

As the commencement date draws near, anticipation mounts among residents who have long awaited measures to tackle the recurrent flooding issue. The Governor’s administration appears determined to take the necessary steps to ensure a more secure and flood-resilient future for the people of Delta State.



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