NABLOGS Laments Lack of Teaching Staff In Torugbene Grammar School, Says It Hinders the Education of the Creek Child


By Peter Jonah

The leadership of the National Association of Burutu Local Government Students (NABLOGS) worldwide ably led by the President COMR. BEBEFAGHA MARTINS, conderm in strong terms, the lack of enough teaching staff in Torugbene Grammar School. The association sees this as an undoing to the life of the creek child.

In a press statement signed by the trio of Comr. Bebefagha Martins, President, Comr. Augusta Doubra, Secretary General and Comr. Forcados Fun-ebi Be-Great, PRO, the Student body in the course of it’s assessment tour to Torugbene Grammar School, discovered that the school suffers greatly from lack of sufficient teaching staffs. It is indeed shameful and shocking, that a government Secondary school located in Torugbene Urban Community, can only boast of three government employed teaching staffs, and one Corp Member. It is an irony indeed, one can only imagine how the children from the creek in this school can get the best educationally.

The effect of the lack of sufficient teaching staff in Torugbene Grammar School, is only a time bomb waiting to explode in time to come. The creek child is intelligent and smart naturally, but like a raw gold going through the fire to get refined, also needs the best form of education to be the leader of tomorrow the world will be proud of.

This issue of lack of teachers, makes it impossible for students to learn all the subjects. How can we produce the doctors, lawyers, engineers and governors etc in this condition.

The student body wish to appreciate the Torugbene Urban Community leadership, for coming up with a working Education body that has helped in their little way by employing the services of few Community teachers, to help come to the rescue of the creek child. However this effort is only a first aid, but both the state and local government, must come to the rescue of Torugbene Grammar School, with a lasting solution to this issue of lack of teaching staffs.

As the umbrella body of all students in Burutu Local Government Area, NABLOGS therefore call on the Governor of Delta State Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Orohwedor Oborevwori, to declare a state of emergency on Torugbene Grammar School, and order the Commissioner of Education to as a matter of urgency post sufficient teaching staff, to Torugbene Grammar School. We also call on our Patron Hon. Combolous Ikisa, the Chairman of Burutu Local Government Area to facilitate the availability of adequate Corp members in Torugbene Grammar School, to help in the development of the school.




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