My Husband Is The One Who Goes To Market – Nollywood Actress, Omotola


Briga News Nigeria

NNollywood Actress Omotola Ekeinde has state that submitting to your husband is key in the success of every marriage.

According to her, it makes your husband to respect and adore you, and do things literally.

“A woman must know her place and submit to her husband. The greatest mistake a woman can make is to want to stand shoulder to shoulder with her man. When you show submission your man will respect and adore you gor it. ”

“My husband is actually the one who goes to the market. I don’t go to the market because I can’t. Because of my status, I can’t. But my husband didn’t say you know traditionally, a man is not supposed to go to the market, I’m not gonna go, no. My husband actually goes to the market.”

“Earlier in my career, I used to go with him but I’d stay in the car, because our cars are tinted, so I’d stay in the car. But then, one time we went to Tejuosho and someone found out I was in the car. It became a major security risk, so he said don’t ever go with me again. He goes and he has fun and he comes back home, and I do the cooking, so you see we strengthen each other”.



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