Meet Seyi, An Ijaw-Born Female Welder Determine to Make A Difference


By Peter Jonah

Oladipupo Seyi Deborah popularly known as Black Diamond is a 32 years old beauty damsel who takes Welding as a profession.

Despite being in a tasking profession where strength, energy and vigor is required, and mostly seen as a man’s job.
Seyi, is also the life of the party.
There’s no dull moment with her.
How she manages to combine both is a story only she can tell.

Seyi, a committed & focused female welder

Her passion and drive for her job is indeed inspiring, captivating and motivating to ladies of this age, where fake life, laziness and social freakiness is the order of the day.

Despite being a professional Welder, academically, Seyi is a graduate of Environmental Science at the prestigious Ogun State College of Health Science.

Born of Yoruba and Ijaw parents from Ondo and Delta State, Seyi has made the Ijaw land her place and pride.
Hail from the famous, ancient and oil rich Ogulagha Kingdom.

Seyi, celebrity welder girl

Seyi’s likes’, needs societal backing, assistant and aid as they will acts as role models to many who believes in handwork, commitement and the flair to make a difference.

Seyi, the celebrity welder girl is based in the oil city of Warri and can be patronize there.



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