“If you rush in, you will rush out’, Funke Akindele Advises Ladies on Early Marriage


Briga News Nigeria

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has advise ladies not to rush into marriage due to societal pressures.

The actress made this revelation in an recent interview with media personality, Chude Jidenowo.

According to her, she merely wanted to settle down and have children because she was under pressure, but regrettably the marriage dissolved after a year.

She narrated how she was able to overcome this terrible period in her life by focusing solely on her work as a distraction.

She said, “I have never addressed this issue but I will do now to encourage ladies that are pressured to get married. Please calm down and take your time because if you rush in, you rush out…that is the lesson learnt….

“You know, I just wanted to get married. I want to do things right, have children and all that. When I went into the (first) marriage, it didn’t work fine. And it ended in a very bad way, in social media, the noise was everywhere. I was actually filming and somebody called me and told me, I wanted to die!

“You know I cried, lost some good deals then. But I didn’t let it break me.”

“As a young lady out there, do not be pressured to get married. Get married because you want to get married, because you love him, and you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Don’t get married because mummy and daddy are saying get married or your friend just got married, have children because you want to have children, you want to be blessed with children, you love children.

“Don’t have children because society will say “ah she’s barren ohh, 12 years, 6 years e never marry” Ignore the gossip, ignore the naysayers, give them “sorry the middle finger, I don’t care”. Yes, ignore because you have your life, do what makes you happy.”



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