Iduwini IYC Refutes Unlawful Suspension Of Her Chairman, Passes Vote Of Confidence On Ebi Rames Leadership


By Peter Jonah, Yenagoa

The Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Iduwini Clan Structure, Central Zone, Bayelsa State has refutes the purported suspension of her Clan Chairman, Comr. Ebi O. Rames.

In a statement issued in Yenagoa, a copy of which was sent to Briga News Nigeria, the revered Council describe the suspension as misleading, watery, selfish and frivolous.

They affirm the Comr. Rames Chairmanship as authentic, original and the only known chairman of Iduwini Clan IYC.

The statement reads in full…

“Our attention has been drawn to one unguided and misleading publication on social media platforms that Comr. Ebi O. Rames, the Ijaw Youth Council Chairman, Iduwini Clan has been suspended by some members of the Executive Council.

As members of the Executive Council, we are making this publication to set the records straight for all sons and daughters of Iduwini Clan, the stakeholders forum of the Council, and the general public at large to be guided and disregard the misleading publication made by only four members of the Executive Council.

1. That we dissociate ourselves from the unlawful, illegal, and baseless suspension purported by 4 (four) members of the Executive Council. The Vice Chairman, (Comr. Yenne Ebobrah Dennis) The General Secretary, The Woman Leader, and The Mobilisation Officer.

2. That the issue of incompetence raised by the four members of the Exco on the ground that the Chairman failed to resolve a dispute within the Executive Council is not an issue that happened under the administration of the incumbent Chairman but is an issue that was unfortunately inherited by the current administration from the previous one which both the immediate past Chairman and the incumbent Chairman have both made steps to resolve prior now. Moreover, the said issue has already been addressed by a stakeholder on behalf of the stakeholders forum of the Council assuring that the issue was going to be finalized within the week of which every member of the Council, including the four aggrieved members of the Exco agreed and even appreciated the stakeholder for his intervention and assurance to resolve the issue.

3. The view labeled by the four members of the Exco that the Chairman wrote a letter to the NIGERIA UPSTREAMS PETROLEUM REGULATORY COMMISSION (NUPRC) without consultation with other members of the Council and that the content of the letter is only “a view of the Chairman” is a fallacy and as such not true. The Chairman as a good leader has done well by giving a listening ear to the yelling and plights of his people and only acted to that effect by writing a letter to the NUPRC. We are proud of him and his actions and we will continue to join him by standing in solidarity with the 7 Primary Host Communities to the EA Oil Field and will act upon the letter with or without the four members of the Exco. The four members of the Exco trying to relate and tag a criminal matter that occurred at Okuama Community in Delta State to a civil matter that has been going on between SPDC and the 7 Primary host Communities to the EA Oil Field in Iduwini and Kou Clans in Bayelsa State for over 2 years is not only ridiculous but a lame reason implored to justify their failed mission.

4. We want to seize this opportunity to reiterate the letter of the Chairman that in as much as we are aware our brothers are currently dancing to the tone of the divide-and-rule policy implored by Oil Companies to enslave us from time immemorial, all concerned and conscious youths of Iduwini are focused this time around and are currently standing by Comr. Ebi O. Rames and the 7 primary Host Communities to the EA Oil Field that if the NIGERIAN UPSTREAMS PETROLEUM REGULATORY COMMISSION in conjunction with THE SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (SPDC) fails to act upon the issues highlighted by Mr.Chairman in his letter within the numbers of days stipulated as contained in the letter we are joining the Chairman, all meaningful and conscious youths in Iduwini and Kou Clans together with the 7 Primary Host Communities to shut down the EA Oil Field a few days from now and we will be very proud of doing that.

5. Conclusively, we want to warn the Vice Chairman of the Council who is currently parading himself as Acting Chairman to desist from the act otherwise we are not going to shy away from invoking the wrath of the law upon him as his act would amount to impersonation. Comr. Ebi O. Rames is healthy and competent and therefore has our vote of confidence and remains the Chairman of the Ijaw Youth Council, Iduwini Clan.

Comr. Geregere Peremobowei
Information officer

Comr. Kate Kurobo

Comr. Emmanuel Benabigha
Student Rep.

Comr. Timiepere Agu
Financial Secretary

Comr. Kelly Keredei
Assistant Secretary



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