Heroic As 13 Years Old, Got Burnt Why Rescuing His Kid Sister, In Bayelsa


By Peter Jonah

Ehirikwe Chinedu Emmanuel a 13yrs old boy ran into a burning room to save his younger sister.

Emmanuel however got burnt but was able to rescue his sister without any injuries on her.

It was learnt, that the room where his kid sister was, suddenly start burning, with her only on the room.

Chinedu Emmanuel, who was outside saw the massive fire outbreak and how strong it was yet took the bold step to go in and save his kid sister.

While he successfully save her unhurt and without injuries, he got burnt in the process as a result of the fierce fire.

He is currently receiving treatment at the Kaiama referral hospital, Bayelsa state.

This is indeed a heroic feat from such a teen.


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