Evah Throw Weight Behind Ijaw Publishers, Commends Their Efforts


Briga News Nigeria

Renowned Niger Delta foremost Rights and environmental activist Super Comrade Joseph Evah has thrown weight behind the Ijaw Publishers Forum, IPF, describing the inauguration ceremony of the National Council of body as a long time dream of Ernest Okoli and Chris Gomorrai of blessed memory.

Evah who described the invitation as a pleasure, promised to do all within his disposal to give moral support for the IPF inauguration.

He said building a formidable mainstream media in Ijaw was first dreamed by Ernest Okoli and followed by Chris Gomorrai but these noble ideas were killed by our common enemies.

According to him, raising strong Ijaw based media houses would definitely bring conspiracy of foreign media against Ijaw people to proper check.

While commending Ijaw Publishers, Evah also agreed that the foreign media criminalised Ijaw and Niger Delta struggle for self-determination and resource control.

He called on Ijaw leaders in the private and public sectors to give the Ijaw Publishers all the needed support and patronage which is a road map to building better Ijaw based media.



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