Edo To Become Nigeria’s Oil Refining Hub, As State-Own Refinery Places Order For 200,000 Barrels Of Crude


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In line with Governor Godwin Obaseki’s drive to transform Edo State into a major investment and industrial haven in the country, Edo Refinery and Petrochemicals Company Limited (ERPC), has placed order for 200,000 barrels of crude from Oza Oil Field operated by Decklar Resources Inc and Millenium Oil and Gas Company.

Recall that Edo Refinery was established with the injection of N700 million naira as redeemable preference shares (investment) from the Obaseki-led government through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Chinese Consortium led by Peiyang Chemical and Equipment Company of China (PCC) and its Nigerian partners, Africa Infrastructure Partners Limited (AIPL).

The 6000 barrels per day refinery has been completed and has since commenced operation with its main output being Diesel, Naphtha and Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO).

In a statement, Decklar Resources Inc. and its co-venturer Millenium Oil & Gas Company Limited (Millenium), said they are pleased to announce that trucking of crude oil from the Oza Oil Field to the Edo Refinery and Petrochemicals Company Limited (ERPC) has continued steadily, and total deliveries have now exceeded 27,000 barrels of crude oil (bbls) under the 30,000 bbls crude sale agreement.

It added that it has also commenced sale of products to the second modular refinery operating in Edo State attracted by the Obaseki-led government, Duport Midstream Company Limited, noting “Trucking of crude oil also commenced in late March to the Duport refinery in Edo State, with over 3,700 bbls delivered to date. Under the sale and purchase agreement with Duport Midstream Company Limited (“DMCL”), Decklar and Millenium will initially deliver 5,000 bbls to the Duport refinery, followed by a minimum of 2,500 bbls per month thereafter.

Noting that they have increased supply to Edo Refinery, the companies said: “The terms of the 30,000 bbls agreement include an invoicing and payment cycle that is triggered as each 5,000 bbls batch is delivered and offloaded at the refinery. Invoices for 25,000 bbls have been issued, and total deliveries under this contract are nearing the final 5,000 bbls batch. This cycle will continue after completion of deliveries under the 30,000 bbls contract, as Decklar and Millenium recently signed a sale and purchase agreement with ERPC for delivery of an additional of 200,000 bbls to ERPC’s facility.”

Chief Executive Officer of Decklar Resources, Sanmi Famuyide, said, “Crude oil deliveries to ERPC and to our new customer, DMCL, have been continuing steadily in a routine manner. This has provided consistent cash flow and enabled Decklar and Millenium to deliver and sell substantial volumes of crude oil to both customers. We have delivered a total of over 37,000 bbls to ERPC’s Edo refinery and have delivered over 3,700 bbls to DMCL’s refinery under their initial 5,000 bbls contract.

“The additional trucks we have contracted have allowed us to increase deliveries, and we are nearing the completion of the 30,000 bbls contract with ERPC and will then continue to produce and deliver crude oil under the recently executed agreement with ERPC to deliver and sell another 200,000 bbls.”



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