DESOPADEC Commissioner Okpoye, Congratulate Iduwini Delta Monarch, on His 30th Coronation Anniversary


By Peter Jonah

Honorable Spencer O. Okpoye, the commissioner representing the Ijaw ethnic community on the governing body of DESOPADEC, has extends his utmost congratulations to the distinguished and esteemed King, His Royal Majesty (HRM) Bosu Dio (JP), the venerable Pere of Iduwini, Delta, on the momentous occasion of his 30th Coronation Anniversary.

The sincere and heartfelt communication, disseminated to the press by Hon. Okpoye, commends HRM Bosu Dio’s three decades of reign as an embodiment of sagacious leadership, astuteness, and inspiration, leaving an indelible imprint on the Iduwini landscape.

In his own words, he conveyed, “On behalf of my family, political associates, and the esteemed constituents of my representation, I extend my warm felicitations to His Royal Majesty (HRM) Bosu Dio (JP), the respected Pere of Iduwini, Delta, on the occasion of his 30th Coronation Anniversary.”

“Three decades of unwavering rule stand as a testament to HRM Bosu Dio’s unparalleled dedication and steadfast devotion to his people,” Hon. Okpoye remarked. Throughout his enduring reign, the Pere’s steadfast courage, resilience, and profound attachment to his community have illuminated brightly, acting as a guiding beacon for all.

Continuing to express his sentiments, Hon. Okpoye appended, “This noteworthy milestone beckons not solely for festivity, but also for introspection, jubilation, and thankfulness. May this juncture herald the continuation of a reign characterized by abundance and harmony. We extend our wishes that the forthcoming years shall bestow good health, happiness, and a multitude of forthcoming achievements upon His Royal Majesty, Bosu Dio (JP), the Pere of Iduwini, Delta.”



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