Declare State Of Emergency On Gas Flaring In The Niger Delta – Akpoyibo Tells Tinubu


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Dear President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCRF

I am writing on behalf of the Global Impact Foundation worldwide to urgently bring to your attention the critical issue of rampant gas flaring in the Niger Delta region. This environmental crisis poses immediate and long-term threats to both the environment and the people living in this vital region.

The Niger Delta, known for its rich biodiversity and vibrant communities, is currently facing an alarming increase in gas flaring activities. This practice not only contributes significantly to environmental degradation but also poses severe health risks to the inhabitants of the region.

Immediate Effects:
Gas flaring releases toxic gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution and climate change. The resulting air pollution has led to respiratory issues, skin diseases, and other health complications among the local population. Moreover, the flames from gas flaring produce a constant source of light and heat, disrupting the natural ecosystem and affecting wildlife, contributing to habitat destruction.

Future Consequences:
Continued gas flaring will exacerbate climate change, impacting weather patterns, and potentially leading to more frequent and severe natural disasters. Additionally, the degradation of the environment will threaten agricultural productivity, fishing industries, and the overall livelihoods of the people dependent on these resources.

Solution and Improvement:
To mitigate the adverse effects of gas flaring in the Niger Delta, urgent steps must be taken. The implementation of advanced technologies and sustainable practices in the oil and gas industry can significantly reduce or eliminate gas flaring. Investing in infrastructure to capture and utilize the associated gas for productive purposes rather than flaring can offer a viable solution. Furthermore, fostering community engagement and empowerment initiatives will ensure that the local population is involved in decision-making processes and benefits from these improvements.

Pressing Need: Declaration of State of Emergency
Given the gravity of the situation and the imminent threats posed to both the environment and the populace, we earnestly urge your esteemed office to declare a state of emergency on gas flaring in the Niger Delta. This decisive action will underscore the urgency of the matter, mobilize resources for immediate intervention, and drive comprehensive measures to address this pressing issue.

Addressing the escalating problem of gas flaring in the Niger Delta demands urgent attention and concerted efforts. As advocates for global environmental sustainability, the Global Impact Foundation worldwide stands ready to collaborate with the government, industry stakeholders, and local communities to facilitate lasting solutions.

We implore your swift action in this regard to safeguard the environment and the well-being of the people of the Niger Delta.

Yours Faithful
Engr Akpoyibo John Perede
CEO : Global Impact Foundation worldwide


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