Chief Samuel Timiyan; A Perfect Example Of A Fine Gentleman Cloth With Humility and Humanitarian Deed


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The Holy Book of God told us in James 4:6, that “God resists the proud, but gives Grace to the humble”.
This is said to be true in the life and times of Chief Samuel Saimigha Timiyan JP, The Mien-Amadeseimowei of Ogulagha Kingdom.

The man Samuel Timiyan is indeed a perfect example of a fine gentleman, a silent achiever, philanthropist and humanitarian who gives and render help noiselessly.

We are in a world were people do good and advertise it, but the man Samuel Timiyan never advertises what he give to people.

Society is replete with men of history who have written their name in gold and in the sand of time.
Timiyan, has indeed written his name in gold, politically, educationally, financially and others, Chief Samuel Timiyan has empowered many and rendered help to deserving people.

Just as his naive name goes ‘Saimigha’, he does no bad but good.
It is striking to state that he has solve many academic and education issues to people as a result of his flair and passion for education.

Timiyan, is a proponent of hard work, he believes there’s no short cut to success. Hence, he is a professional, trained and certified welder, whose humility catapulted him to become chairman of the Welders and Filters Association of Ogulagha.

His quest for success and financial capacity also took him to serve has Financial Secretary, Ogulagha Community, where he recorded overwhelming success via transparency, accountability and accuracy.

As a man with Grace and one that fears God, humility, gentility and selfless service uplifted him to be conferred a Chieftaincy title in the ancient Ogulagha Kingdom as the ‘Mien-Amadeseimowei of Ogulagha Kingdom ‘. Which means, one that makes the community and kingdom proud as a result of his good works.

Just as the Holy Book says, in Matthew 6:3-4, Timiyan’s massive philanthropic gesture is kept to himself and God, the rewarder.

Until you get close to a person, you’re bent to believe the rubbish people feeds you. A closer study of the man Chief Samuel Saimigha Timiyan JP, entails kindheartedness, simplicity, gentility, hard work and a man driven by passion.
A responsible man legally married to an industrious woman, who is also conferred with a Chieftaincy title, Chief Mrs. Nurse-ere Timiyan.

A man of this posture needs to be lauded, commended and applauded and bring to the limelight his good deeds and humility personified nature even in the midst of abundance.

He’s indeed a role model, icon, trailblazer worthy of emulation.
It is our wish that nature repays kindhearted people like him in hundred folds.

I am Comr Keneware Emmanuel, The Pentiger



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