Bright Guwor @40: Celebrating An Impactful Life of a Young Enigmatic Icon


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A wise saying states that, it is better to live and die in a day impacting lives, than to live a thousand years with zero impact on human life.

Celebrations are enormous but celebrating a life of impact that has affected many positively is worthwhile and could be tagged the best and highest Celebration thus far.

Life they said begins at 40, because a fool at 40 will be a fool forever.
But your voyage of life before 40 is laudable, commendable, creditable, applaudable and worthy of encomiums.

Bright Guwor is a role model, humanitarian, God fearer, optimist and man with a heart of gold.
His unquenchable and unstoppable doggedness in achieving a set goal despite trillions of odds has made many to label him a man of deep heart.
But on the contrary, he is a man of light heart, quick to forgive and does good.

At 40, Bright Guwor has proven to be a very trustworthy ally, a dependable personality, an influential figure and a charismatic leader.
One who is diehard to a course he believes and works relentlessly in achieving it.

A philanthropist without a foundation but has more than 10 people benefiting from his educational grant and scholarship scheme.
His milk of human kindness is cosmopolitan and speaks in volume and intensity.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So all couldn’t be said about this great young icon in just today.
But historically and in humanism, he has visibly, tangibly, undeniably, written his name on the anal of time that can’t be forgotten in a hurry.

At 40, we celebrate God’s unfailing love, mercy, faithfulness and fulfilment upon the live of a spirited compatriot.
We earnestly wish and heartily pray for higher lifting, abundance of wealth, health and rest roundabout.


Comr. Keneware Peremobowei Emmanuel “The Pentiger”



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