Birthday: Eulogizing Chief Kestin Pondi, A Man With The Spirit Of Benevolence


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It is a long believe adage that the sins that men do live with them. Hitherto, if the sins men do live with them, then the good deeds of men will live with, and after men.

Chief Kestin Pondi, the Managing Director of Tantita Security Service could best be described as a man with a ‘Benevolence Spirit’. With natural passion, flair, zeal to render help to humanity.

Truly, the Holy Book admonishes that ‘whatever a man sows that he reaps’.

Chief Kestin has indeed sowed good tiding, a builder of men, an empowerment grandmaster, a man whose benevolence is like the ocean that flows unstoppably, not degrading the small or poor.

High Chief Kestin Pondi

His cosmopolitan humanism speaks in volume and intensity. One who have wiped out tears of many both old and young. A man who posterity will forever be remembered, applaud and be grateful.

What else could be said about this great man and leader of the Niger Delta, a trailblazer and a world figure.
One thing is certain, Kestin Pondi has dutifully and humanistically written his name in gold and in the anal of time that can’t be erase by generations yet to come.

Birthdays are special and unique. It gives us the room to appreciate the Creator for life and all He has done.
Therefore, as you celebrate your natal anniversary today sir, I joined the entire world, Niger Deltans to felicitate you and pray for God’s continuous blessings upon you, as he enlarges you day-in, day-out in sound health for you to continue to affect humanity positively for societal betterment.

Once again, Congratulations and Happy Blessed Birthday Sir, High Chief Kestin Pondi

I am Comr Keneware Emmanuel ‘Pentiger’
CEO, Briga News Nigeria



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