Royal Birthday: Celebrating A Global Leader, King Agbonu


Briga News Nigeria

There are kings and there is a king.
Agbonu, a king of main repute.
A king that bows to no one, but everything bows to him.

A royal father of inestimable value, blessed among men and kings.
One whose fatherly love knows no bounds.
A consummate humanist and philanthropist par excellence.

A father that listens, tenderhearted, kind, compassionate, overflowing with the milk of human kindness.

Agbonu, the trees tremble at his height.
The wind bow to his size.
The sea clap and dance in awe at his royalty.

A king befitting of royal apparel, wisdom personified, a custodian of the ancestral customs and traditions, a peace ambassador.

An ordained king from heaven.
Born on this historic, unique, special, epoch making and mind-blowing day.

It is our earnest prayer that long may the royal crown on your head, and the royal shoes on your feet.

Long Live Our Great King!!!

Agbonu! Agbonu!! Agbonu!!!

Suo timi Undo eehhh…..

By Comr Keneware Emmanuel (Pentiger), CEO Briga News Nigeria


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