Allege Sitting: IYC Parliament Raises Alarm, Vow to Resist Attempt by Igbifa to Usurp it’s Powers


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The legal and constitutional attention of the 5th Mobile Parliament of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Worldwide, has been drawn to an unscrupulous, frivolous, barbaric and perpetual plan by the President of Ijaw Youth Council, Dcn Comr. Peter Timothy Igbifa hiring some parliamentarians and misguided youths who are on his payroll to call for a Parliamentary sitting in Rivers State (His Hotel), without the fore knowledge of the constitutional leadership of the Parliament.

We wish to state unequivocally and most intrepidly that a sitting of the Mobile Parliament is only called by the Speaker of the 5th Mobile Parliament or the Deputy speaker on the authorization and approval of Mr Speaker.

We hereby state in strong terms that it is sacrilegious, disrespect and outright abuse of power for anyone to attempt to usurp the power that only belongs to Mr Speaker not even the President of the Council to call for a parliament sitting.

We, therefore, call on the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State to watch out for these misguided elements of peace disruption.

As their gathering is illegal, unconstitutional and tantamount to the disruption of peace as well as breakdown of law and order in Ijaw Nation. The Ijaw Youth Council will resist any of such gathering.

We are on this note, informing the Governors of Rivers and Bayelsa State to hold the President of Council (Timothy Igbifa) responsible for any reaction this very wicked and evil plot will attract.

Yours in Movement

Rt. Hon. Bob Collins Igetei ( Speaker)

Rt. Hon. Irene Kaladappa Jumbo( Deputy Speaker)
Hon. Prince Okenema ( Clerk )
Hon. Harry Samuel ( Deputy Clerk)

Engr.Highlife Perobowei Humphrey ( ChiefWhip)

Anderson Frukama( Sergeant at Arms)



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